Last Friday

August 22, 2011 at 17:38 (Rants)

Let’s try a normal, standard blog post.

So, last Friday my cousin got married. Or maybe it was the day before, and Friday was just the big party with all the far, unknown relatives. Whatever. Is Friday written like that? With the capital letter and a “i”? Doesn’t it ever happen to you that when you read or write a word many times, it just stops making sense and it looks wrong? LOSING FOCUS HERE.

So, the marrying. The marriage. The wedding. Whatever. I’ll eventually have a perfect grasp of English, just you wait. Who am I talking to anyways? No one reads this. Let’s say I’m talking to myself. LOSING FOOOOCUUUUUS.

I always thought that these chinese so called “parties” where more like something tedious and political stuff. Like, to keep good relations with relatives. Relations. With relatives. Redundant. Anyways, hundreds of people, and the… How are they called… Newlyweds. Right. Hundreds of people, and the newlyweds know only a fraction of them. They’re relatives and friends and people you only know because you saw them that one time, of their parents. Not even of the newlyweds themselves, but of their parents. They’re there not because they’re happy for their wedding, they’re there because relations and money. It’s like we’re talking about nobles or something.

The food is luxury stuff, not really good, but it’s expensive and that’s what matters, you have to show off like crazy. Lots of people, lots of food, and the presents. I’ll have you know, the presents chinese people give are cigarettes and expensive booze. It’s like they’re telling you “Look, I want you to die.”

The other present is money, but it’s something strange. It works like this, you go to people marriages, and you give them money. Then they come to your, or your child’s marriage, and they give you money. It’s an endless back and forth. It’s useless. It’s a loan. It’s not a present. I don’t like this kinda stuff, if you go to someone’s marriage you should do it because marriage. That’s how I see it. Maybe I’ll “grow up” and see it differently one day. I’m seventeen, I’ve got time. If this blog still exists then, I’ll make sure to write it.

Anyways, I always thought those where tedious, political, boring, annoying after-marriage stuff.

I thought. I still think it, but I’m starting to doubt it.

Because I saw my cousin and his bride cry that day. Cry. That’s not something you do at a tediouspoliticalboringannoying event. So, either they’re expert actors, and in that case I’m gonna punch him in the nuts, or I have something to think about. Maybe I should ask my other cousin.

Well, that’s that. I’ll write more if something that I should have wrote comes to mind.

I wonder if this is badly written. English is not my native language, and even when writing in Italian my teacher always used to tell me that I write too little, too superficial, and stuff. Maybe… Maybe. I’m bound to get better if I keep on writing.

Let’s make a new category. “Rants”. Yeah, that sounds about right. Wait, the dictionary says otherwise. “To speak or write in an angry or violent manner”. That’s not what I did… I need a different term… Yeah, well, you know what, I’m too lazy for that. It’s not a big deal.

I need to learn how to use WordPress. I tried to do something and it just updated the draft. I don’t even know what that does. Whatever.


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