That’s better.

August 22, 2011 at 02:59 (Uncategorized)

I’m not completely satisfied, but it’s better than before. I might change the title of the blog though; just “Daoler” sucks.

Is that the correct way of using “;”? Now that I’m starting to write stuff, I’ve gotta learn this kinda things…

Bah, whatever, I’m too lazy for that. Let’s move onto actual content!

Wait. Is me writing about thinking stuff actual content?

Who cares?

My connection is so unbearably slow today…

I’m already really lazy, if you put an obstacle like that in my way, I’m just gonna stop. In fact, I’m gonna stop now. It’s already really late anyway.

I’m going to sleep. And with “sleep” I mean listen to music until I’m sleepy.


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