August 23, 2011 at 20:32 (Uncategorized)

I have nothing to post, so let’s talk about random stuff. I’ll keep this in the “Uncategorized” section…

So, this morning I went to drums lesson. “Drums lesson”? Is that right? Whatever. And like always, we (the teacher and me) spent half the hour talking about miscellanous stuff. (Wait, I pay for that hour… Whatever, I’m so antisocial, talking is good.)

So, with my family opening a restaurant and all, we talked about marketing. I’m not gonna lie, it sounded kind of like mafia, or something like that. He said something like

“When you open something, you have to get all the information possible on the area. You have to ask people, look around, and check, in your case, other restaurants in the area. You’ve gotta ask them how much they pay for the place, you have to check their prices, eat and see if the food is any good, etc.”

and I was like “But they’re not gonna just tell me if I ask!”

and he said “Then you lie. You say something like, I don’t know… “I’m opening a shop around here, and man is the rent high! How much do you pay?” If you say something among those lines, then they’re going to tell you, if not because they’re friendly, because they think you’ll soon be a regular there, so they’re gonna act all kind.”


“So, understand? You have to get all the information possible. you go there, nonchalantly ask stuff, maybe sneakily snap photos of the prices with your cellphone, and you’re good to go. That’s how it works. With those information, you can make cheaper and better products than them, and utterly crush them.”


I’m a young and kinda naive man. I try to always be realistic, but there are some things, some values, some kind of honor code that I just can’t help but respect and believe. I’M YOUNG! LET ME HAVE DREAMS!

When I talk to him, he always says this kind of things, and I tend to just shut up in shock. This world is too cruel for me.

Anyways, the conversation didn’t end there, but I can’t precisely remember it. I have bad memory. I remember the general things, but not everything word for word, so let’s cut it here.

Really, I learn more about the society than about music, there. But I’m cool with that. Guy’s really wise, and seems to know pretty much everything but how to get rid of a virus in his computer. No one knows how old he is, but I’m going with 1372 years. What’s more, I’m pretty sure he was abducted and modified by aliens, has bionic arms and is buddies with the mafia. Or something. Interesting guy.

Well, let’s talk about something else. For one, I need new headcuffs. That’s important. For me. No one reads this anyways. No one I know is proficient enough in english and I don’t think someone has a way to end up here. No that I care though. LOOK AT HOW GOOD I AM AT GETTING SIDETRACKED. I swear, it’s like I’m constantly in a Wiki Walk. Hey, so that’s how you put links here.

Let’s pick up something from The Daily Post

Topic #228:

Try to think about nothing, for as long as you can. What happens? Describe it in a short post.

Me? Thinking? That’s, like, an oxymoron. I kid… Maybe… Self-loathing everywhere.

Guitar, drums, and piano. That’s what I kept thinking about. Ah, maybe I should repeat the experiment without music… Eh, I’m too lazy for that. Ah, and if you want to know what I was listening to, and with that I mean “So that no one, that is, everyone who reads this, knows it”, here.

I’m going to eat now. I mean later, it seems, me eating got postponed. Damn, I love the Free Dictionary!

Whatever, I’m finished here anyways, goodbye, hasta la vista, ci vediamo.

Look at all those words. I’m writing this much in a blog. I AM FAR TOO HIPSTER FOR THAT. Did it anyways. Whatever.

Do you know what there was written after I published this!? “This is your 4th post. Hip!” THEY KNOW.


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