The most important thing

September 29, 2011 at 01:03 (Uncategorized)

Alright. Ahem.

This place is already pretty much abandoned, but I’ve been busy with the restaurant, and when I get home I’m just too tired to write anything, but I’m getting used to it, so I’m already less tired. Less tired than dead, that is.

I’ll post my experiences about being a waiter later. I’m tired now, so let’s write about important stuff. Like:

Is the most important thing happiness or health?

I asked two persons today, and they told me “health”. I call bullshit! A life not happy isn’t worth living!

And that’s pretty much it. This is a short but IMPORTANT post. Probably. Everything is meaningless, nothing is important. BE POSITIVE!

Just one last thing. Lately, I’m dead tired, and I really miss having free time, but, I’ve gotta say, I think I might be slightly happier. I get told “Thanks”, “Good job”, and one guy even told me that I’m “a smart lad”. I feel useful, and I’m being less antisocial.

I would really like to have free time, though. Being a the restaurant 13-14 hours a day is killing me.

Oh! And I got my first tip! I’m always carrying it around in my pocket, with other treasured stuff. A list of things I want to do in my life (“Find happiness” and “Being healthy”. In that order.) And a. Uh. I’ll write about it next time, when I know how it’s called in english. Bye.


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